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I Love Erasmus

The experience that I lived during the Erasmus mobility in Bulgaria was very significant and important. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to get information about a European country. Since the first day the students were very sociable and friendly and together with the teachers they welcomed us in the best way. Every day we did a different activity,  to get to know each other better: they showed us their typical dances and we also went on a school tour.

Compared to Italian schools, the structure of the building is different, in fact the classes are much larger and each of them is divided according to the school subject.

The teaching organization is almost the same as ours but the thing that struck me in particular was the rotation of the students in the various classes according to the subject. Even the grades change and within the structure there is also a canteen where the students have lunch every day. After school, the students took us around to show us their daily lives and I noticed that they have less freedom than us, especially in the evenings because after 9:00 pm there is a curfew.

We also went on some educational excursions and visited many places and I must say that I was very impressed by the order and the cleanliness of the streets. Compared to Italy the clock is one hour ahead; moreover they have lunch at 12 o’clock and have dinner at 6 pm. I’m still in touch with the students I met in Bulgaria and we can’t wait to meet again.


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